Traditional strategic tools are not suited to grasp the scale and magnitude of coming disruptions and to design future-proofed strategies

  • Predictive and short-term oriented thinking

  • Industries or activities-based thinking

  • Financially-based thinking or poorly rooted with physical underlying drivers

Renew and support corporate strategic thinking to ensure both sustainability and contribution to ecological transition

A three-sided action-based framework

A strategic foresight approach

to cope with uncertainty and investigate on imaginaries

A multi stakeholders-based approach

to identify and design new coalitions

A physical-based and systemical approach

to take first-order activities’ underlying drivers into account

We develop tools and methods to imagine and build possible futures that are compatible with planetary limits

We build a new generation physically-based scenarios-making toolbox that fit within planetary boundaries

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A new corporate strategic thinking process that leverages our scenarios and model to help companies better anticipate the business disruptions brought about by physical constraints (climate change, energy or resource issues) induced by our final uses (housing, food, transportation) and modes of production

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multi-sectors pioneering companies working with us

Open source

accessible and free-to-use methods, tools and data sets


leading academic institutions and research partners

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