We build a new generation physically-based scenarios-making toolbox of that fit within planetary boundaries

Transform your strategic vision

Developed with our partners, for an open source access.

  • A new generation of world-scaled quantified future scenarios

  • An innovative scenarios-building approach

  • A resources, climate and biodiversity footprint quantification model based on scientific research

Human societies
Human activities evolution is described on two levels to form cohesive scenarios :
Values, visions, rules and ways of living and producing for people, organizations and institutions ;
Technological progress levels, production modes, energy and resource flows that are needed to support human activities.
Earth system
Human activities in our scenarios must fit within limits of resources, GHG emissions and stress on biodiversity, that quantified using a state of the art modeling tool based on Earth Science.

Our glasses to explore possible futures : human societies within the earth system
Our biophysical modeling tool quantifying overshoots and competitions on resources to ensure physically possible scenarios